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Marinated Eggplant.... Japanese influenced

By Alexandra Rossi

FRI APR 23, 2021

I love this Raw recipe of eggplant easy to make just plan overnight to let them rest in salt ... And an other day to let them Marinate...

1/ First you need 1 Japanese ( also called Chinese) eggplant cut into dice and peeled placed in colander over a bowl sprinkled and massaged with salt ( play it by ear), place some weight over it and let over night at room temperature to drain.

2/ Next morning , Rinse the eggplant and disregard juice

3/ mix in a bowl :

- the eggplants

- 1 fresh ginger peeled and cut in small slices

- 1 garlic clove sliced small

- 2 Table Spoon rice vinegar

- 2 Table Spoon toasted Sesame oil

- 2 Table Spoon olive oil

4/ Place in Mason jars making sure to add extra vegetable oil to submerge them completely

Eat that week served with fresh Cilantro ... Enjoy