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Vegan winter: Split pea soup

By Alexandra Rossi

SUN DEC 13, 2020

This is a twist on my friend Soko's Curried split pea soup

1/ Bring

1/2 onion cubed

5 branches of celery sliced thin

1 small cauliflower sliced thin

5 small carrots sliced thin

to fry in olive oil keep stirring for a few minutes

2/ add spices

1/2 spoon of turmeric

1 spoon of mustard seeds,

2 spoons of curry powder,

salt and pepper to taste

3/ 1 cup of split peas

4/ add 1l of vegetable broth

add extra water if split peas soak it all up

5/ bring to a boil and then cover to simmer 1 hour